these is the settings I used for IC, everything ticked was at 100% for a direct copy


as you can see I unticked Title 5 which is shown as 10kb, though I know this title is actually 646MB as shown in more detail HERE

so I know if I kept the title it would take up 646MB of space as it is not compressed even though I would like it to be 50%, so already IC has cost me 323MB if I was to keep it cos I cant reduce it

so I unchecked it along with the others in the Title and set every title that I had kept to 100% including the menu and it predicted 4.36Gb. Excellent if only wanted those titles as it fits just right, so I click OK and IC begins the process of basically just copying the files across as no encoding has to be done

after watching titleset 4 copy across I then notice titleSET 8 (which is title 5) is being processed!?!?!??!?

sure enough, it's copied the extra 646MB across! and copied it into the resulting 4.36Gb PDI file!

If I had kept all 4 titles and set them to 70% which predicted 4.65Gb (to hopefully give around 4.37Gb), that 646MB wasted of this resulting 4.37Gb file would have been something I didnt want, so then its only allocated 3.76Gb to the files I actually wanted to keep!. An extra 646MB added to the main title of 70% (3.2Gb) would have given me a setting of just under 84%!. Or if I hadn't resized it first it would have included an extra 369MB (646MB - 286 'phantom' MB's) as shown on the 3rd page of the link above

if I just burnt this direct I would never have known it was there!

now I hope people may think twice about using IC to remove titles cos you never know what it might try to sneak across when your not looking!