Simpsons crashed during the processing of VTS_08_1.VOB about 2 seconds after I took this shot

the 1st thing I did was rename the last PDI file and put .VOB as the extension and played it with PowerDVD to see what the last piece of video was that it processed

I then opened the original VTS_08 and went to the point where IC had crashed and noticed it was after the Deep Deep Trouble video that was followed was a long blank screen for a bit then the Bartman Video. I know that people have reported that this crashes IC but you can overcome this bug with this DVD

I opened the Main IFO and checked which Title had referrals to VTS_08_1.VOB

it was Title 5 and only Title 5 that referred to VTS_08

so I open up VTS_08_1.IFO and check out where the Deep Deep Trouble video was and it was VOB ID 3 in PGC 3. VOB ID 4 was the end titles for the video and the one that raised suspicion was VOB ID 5 which was 1:01.18 long but contained nothing but a blank screen

this is what caused IC to crash as other people have reported as dumb13's post about Spartacus came to mind

"Right after the "Overture" (a few seconds) there is about a three minutes blank screen, and only music is heard. IC does not seem to tolerate this long black period in the video signal."

He is right and Oneiroxy was correct is hi statement with 2001 A Space Odeyssey as that has the dark part at the end

"After "THE END" there is a 3 minute black period and then 4 minute of soundless clips this could be the problem but stripping their IDs did not help (I might have done it incorrectly through IFOedit!)"

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