Insert a cell or chapter into a Title

With this guide you will be able to insert another cell anywhere into the Title. You can also create new chapter points if required. Select the cell previous to where you want to insert the chapter. In this example I am going to insert a chapter in between chapters 3 and 4. Move the preview slider along a little to enable the Split Here feature. Right click (RC) the preview window and select Split Here

you will see a new cell appear that doesn't have a program number. First you must restore your original cell you just split. RC the original split cell number and select Restore Block

You can do 2 things now, either replace the newly inserted cell with whatever you want and leave it at that or also create a chapter point for the new cell that will work with the DVD navigation. To do it without inserting a chapter point then just use the Replace Block feature and browse to your chosen replacement cell. The inserted cell will now just be an extension of the chapter you initially split. If you want to add a chapter point with navigation then RC the new cell and select Insert Program

You can now see the Program values have changed and the new Program number is 4. Subsequent chapters have also been renumbered to compensate

The new chapter needs adding to the Titles. Select Titles in the Domain pane for the VTS that cnotains the cell. You will see the Titles on the right pane now. Click the'+' to expand the Title to show all the chapters

You can see that there is no reference to Program 4 which has just been inserted. RC the chapter after the chapter you split (chapter 4 here) and select Insert Chapter

In the new window it should highlight the Program you just inserted. If not then you have not selected the correct chapter to insert

you will then see the new chapter list for the Title

By inserting the chapter here, DVDRemake will also modify any other references in the DVD menu buttons to compensate for the subsequent chapter re-numbering. You can see below the old and new chapter selection menu

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