Remove complete Titleset if no 0.xx entries are available (UPDATING)

Tools needed : Ifoedit, NTSC VOB's.ZIP, PAL VOB's.RAR

Once you master this technique you will realise how easy and fast it is. The only problem at the minute is that there's only 100 blank PAL VOB ID's. If there are more in the IFO then just remove as many VOB ID's as you need before (GUIDE HERE). Leave at least one VOB ID in each PGC as is shown in that guide and then you can replace them afterwards obviously upto a maximum of 100 PGC's. Obviously make sure you replace PAL with PAL and NTSC with NTSC

there are 4 Flash guides on this page, once you finish one just move the page down to the next one. You can also jump from one guide to another if you need to go over some steps. Note the VOB ID number's have changed in the guide


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