I have used IC to strip all Titles in Spy Kids 2 apart from menu and this is what I get

now as you can see the menu is only 266 MB yet IC sees the total predicted as 691MB!. Even funnier is when I ran this the first time it said 688MB so it can't even be consistent with that, but ignore that as that is a minor glitch

setting the menu slider to 50% I get a menu size of 208MB (pic below) which is only a reduction of 54MB so using this info I can work out the video for the menus is 108MB leaving 158MB for the sound which may be correct

but again ignore that as what's concerning me more is where on earth IC is getting this extra 425MB from as nothing else is selected??

so after processing this job and extracting the resulting files I get these files


you can see if you add the VTS_TS.VOB along with all the VTS_xx_0.VOB's you get around 266MB which is correct as it was set to 100%

what's puzzling is the VTS_xx_1.VOB's which still exist and contain data! and especially VTS_20_1.VOB which is a whopping 410MB!

I can now see that IC completely deletes the VOB's and updates the IFO by completly deleting the entry for the VOB ID's (shown in more detail on page 3)

this is where IC is totally useless as it completely remove whole VOB's which it shouldn't really do as some contain more VOB ID's than just the video VOB ID's you wish to remove, so if you get a fussy standalone that refers to a missing VOB even tho the IFO has been totally cleared out it will just freeze and there is more errors shown on the PAGE 2