Changing the starting point of the movie

Open the main movie IFO. You will now have to find the start finish points you want for the movie

In the bottom window just double click on the 1st entry and the VOB Preview window will show. Slide the slider along to the point just before where you want it to start and make a note of the number which in this case is 9115


now open VTS_PGCITI in the top half of the window and double click the VTS_PGC_1 to show the number of programs and cells and in the bottom window move down until you see the entries for Cell Playback

double click the Cell_1: entry point sector and then input the number from cell 1 VOB preview window which was 9115. That's basically it as now the start point will be sector 9115

Cropping credits
Removing the credits is very simple if the last cell in the PGC is a 0.xx sec entry. The penulitimate cell will probably be the credits so just copy the data from the last cell into the penultimate as shown in the above procedure. If you want to check the credits are the penultimate cell then goto the main page of the IFO and double click the cell entry to open up the VOB Preview window

below the Cell Playback section and right down the bottom, copy the last cells values (cell_xx: has VOBID & Cell_xx has CellID) into the previous cells as shown below


You can play the DVD in PowerDVD to give you an idea of how it will play. There are a few methods you can use to modify the IFO'd but I hope you get the basic idea of what to do and can modify it to suit your needs



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