this is a basic guide to remove a cell (but leave at least one) and change a few entries in the IFO

open VTS_PGCITI and then the PGC you want to remove a cell from. In the bottom window find the Cell Playback section which is further down and will look like this and find the entries for the cell you want to remove, which in this example is number 4

To change an entry just double click the line for the Value box to appear. Always change the playback time (BCD) to 64 for the removed cell which gives a time of 00:00:00.00 (don't worry about it not updating as this will be done afterwards)
the entry point sector will be the last sector of the previous cell + 1, so in this example it would remain the same value of 343480
start sector of last VOBU will need to be changed to 343480
last sector of this cell again will need to be changed to 343480
then click SAVE and that's it, the cell will not be recognised by InstantCopy and you will notice the size of the title will now be smaller

if you also wanted to remove cell 5 then use the same values as cell 4 and so on. Just make sure the last cell you have removed has a value that is 1 higher than the last cell you have left untouched

You can play the DVD in PowerDVD to give you an idea of how it will play. There are a few methods you can use to modify the IFO's but I hope you get the basic idea of what to do and can modify it to suit your needs

After a few attempts you will see how fast it can be to author a DVD


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