The reason why IC undersizes !

I have mentioned before the darker scenes on DVD's sometimes cause crashing during processing using IC, but this is also the cause of undersizing and the variation people get!

When testing Road To Perdition which is 2.35:1 aspect ratio but also contains two black bars within the actual image, one at the top and one at the bottom no matter what I did to the original 4.27GB video only file, I always came out with a video file of 2.97Gb yet the actual quality of the end result was impressive!. I even set the movie to 99.90%, theDVDSaveQuality to 1, DVDMAxAnalyzeRel to 100% and DVDAnalysisMinsAbs to 100% and it took nearly an hour just analyzing the movie! and came out the same size

then I finally realised what is happening

DVD2One and DVD95Copy just take the info away from each frame but in an equal manner in every frame, resulting in such good predicted filesize results whereas Instantcopy reencodes the frame and can save a variable amount of info within that frame and that will depend on the dark content/same colour info of the frame. It then reencodes it, so the darker the frame the the smaller the data needed to reproduce the frame

so that means any 2.35:1 aspect ratio's DVD's or Letterbox movies that actually contain black bars within the image (even 1.85:1 Anamorphic) will be greatly affected by undersizing!. This will also apply to DVD's that contain a lot of darker scenes throughout and also DVD's that contain sections that have static images (tho I'm too sure by how much with static images)

now due to the way IC works, the only way the can fix this is to do an intial pass first, just like CCE does and collate the data from every indivdual frame creating an info file (.vaf I think CCE uses). It basically the same as CCE but tries to do the job based on estimates and this is not possible unless you do a 2 pass

Pinnacle could actually fix/overcome this by having a ratio option/check that disregarded the black bars when doing calculations by cropping them and only looking at the centre of the image without taking the black bars into consideration then adding them back afterwards obviously allowing something for them in the data space, but because they are black this space would be constant for every frame throughout. This may work

They could also have something that analyses the image brightness and compensates for it

until that day IC will never be able to get 4.37Gb unless you help it by oversizing, so until then you may want to base the amount you oversize on the following

1. the original aspect ratio, black bars contained within image will greatly affect result if set to a high % and will only be compensated by keeping the extras/menus and using a lower % setting for movie. 4:3 will not be affected as much due to lack of black bars

2. the darker the movie the more you add

3. the more static images contained then the more you add (though not as much)

hopefully Pinnacle may just read this and somehow come up with a fix

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