Using Prediction Calculator

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firstly it is wise that you check that IC is showing the true video sizes as it can seriously effect the end result, check out these pages to check IC's accuracy

'Phantom' MB as IC does not show them, Missing Audio & Subs, Video sizes incorrect due to estimates of Audio/Subs

I suggest you change your registry settings to the following, but use whatever you feel comfortable with

DVDSaveQuality=0% but no more than 2%, DVDAnalyseMaxRel=at least 10%, DVDAnalyzeMinAbs=at least 40mb

you can use either InstantCopySettings or InstantTool

Set your Menu & extra's titles to your desired setting and then adjust the Main Movie title to fit 4.37Gb (You can use less but make sure you adjust it correctly in Cell C8

Input the predicted transcoded sizes of the titles (Video-only), which is C in the pic

you can either add each title on a separate row or put them in the same line as long as you put the right amount in the right column it will work it out

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