Deciding what to keep and what to remove

Open DVD player and click Select Source

select Open DVD file on Hard Disk Drive

direct browser window to the folder containing ripped files and open VIDEO_TS.IFO to play DVD

make a note of what plays and how DVD actually gets to menu

In my example using Blade a Warning notice scrolls up the screen, then an Entertainment in Vido logo is next before proceeding to menu

I have a quick browse through menu's and extras and make a note of what I wish to keep

Now you need to find the VOB's that contain the video you want to remove

To check what video any VOB contains open PowerDVD and simply drag and drop the VOB file into playback window, then use the slider bar to skip through the VOB, checking the contents and seeing if there is anything you want to get rid of

If you want to keep everything in that VOB just proceed onto next VOB

I make a note of the VOB that contains anything I want to remove and there were 2 VOB's affected

The first was the copyright warning and that was near the end of the VTS_01_0.VOB and the IFO file for that VOB contained many VOB ID's but as I had previewed the VOB previously I knew that it would have a high VOB ID number as it was at the end of the VOB during playback, so I used Multiple Menu VOB ID removal

The 2nd was the Entertainment Logo in VTS_02_1.VOB but the relevant IFO only had one VOB ID so I used Modify Menu VOB with 1 VOB ID method

Use one of the above methods for menu's or any of the others listed in the Preparing DVD menu to strip the VOB's of the stuff you don't want to keep, but only strip when you are 100% sure it is the right VOB ID and know what it contains and use the correct method

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