Burning with Nero

now every time you wanna burn a DVD just click on the BLANK DVD.nrc or BLANK DVD.nrd file and Nero should open. The example below is for an .nrd file but its basically the same for both

now just open the VIDEO_TS file in Nero by double clicking it as shown above. Open the folder that contains all the files for the DVD and select them all. Now drag all the selected files into the blank VIDEO_TS window

you should now have something like this

click the Burn Icon

and click the LABEL tab and name your DVD using the Volume Label box, then click the BURN Tab making sure your speed is correct and then click WRITE. After it has written just close Nero but do not save the changes to the BLANK DVD.nrd when it asks cos you want it for next time. If you do wanna save it, rename it

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