Burning with Nero

I'm using version for this example as it works just fine for me, but some versions may not create the same successful results

It will also depend on the standalone you are using for playback as some are fussy and only accept fully compliant DVD's, so make sure what you are burning is fully compliant to begin with or else you may run into playback problems. If Nero complains at any stage then check your files or use a different software to burn

This guide shows 2 methods. The method below shows how to use the DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) 1.02 setting which is best suited for older players but you can also use the DVD-VIDEO method which is on Page 2

Close the Wizard if it's open and then choose File and New and this window below should open and choose DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO)

Nothing much in INFO Tab apart from Info

we dont want a multisession so pick No Multisession

make sure you only have the ISO Level 1(Max of 11=8+3 chars) & ISO 9660 checked

make sure you have UDF 1.02 selected

delete the Volume Label & Application

I actually set my dates to 1/1/2000 0:00:00 for all of them by using the SET buttons and also the Use this Date option but setting it as below will do just fine for now

set as below

nothing much here either

click NEW button and right click in the window (shown below) and create two new folders, called AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS

rename NEW to nothing at all

click File and then Save and save this file naming it BLANK DVD. You have now created a blank template called BLANK DVD.nrd for each DVD you burn from now on

if you wanna burn see Page 3

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