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This is how to fix the error when you strip VOB ID's

it is caused as IFOEdit does not update the VIDEO_TS.IFO regarding chapters which is what InstantCopy is checking up on

this is an example below of stripping an unwanted VOB ID and howto fix it. I open the original in InstantCopy and I want to strip Title 14

Now opening the VIDEO_TS.IFO I can see that Title 14 is VTS_04_0*.VOB and has 2 Chapters

opening VTS_04_0.IFO it shows the Titleset has 2 VOB ID's and VOB ID 1 contains the unwanted video and VOB ID 2 is just a blank but Necessary 1.00 second video that must be left

after stripping VOB ID 1, it now looks like this

as you can see VOB ID 2 is now VOB ID 1 but it has also changed from Chapter 2 to Chapter 1

So now when you start InstantCopy you get the error

to fix it, open up the VIDEO_TS.IFO and click on VMG_PTT_SRPT in the top window and in the bottom window slide down until you see Title 14 : Number of chapters (PTTs)

Double click it so the Edit Value window appears and just change it to the new value which in this case is 1 and click Save and close IFoEdit

now when I open InstantCopy it accepts it and now shows Title 14 as a 1.00 second entry that is 10KB which is correct

so basically if you remove a VOB ID from a PGC (Title), find out what Title it is and ensure that the VIDEO_TS.IFO shows the same amount of Chapters as shown in the IFO for that Titleset


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