Removing Multiple VOB ID's

In this example I am using Spy Kids 2 Region 1 and have chosen VTS_04_0.IFO to remove unwanted VOB ID's

this is the info within the IFO

as you can see there are 8 PGC's and 14 VOB ID's. In PGC 1 there is only 1 entry but if you look at the time it is only 0.18 secs which is just a flash of a black image. Now when IC remove titles I'm sure it deletes the playback of these VOB ID's but these are needed. Exactly why I don't know but these it's best you leave them intact

Looking at PGC 2, you can see there are 2 entries, the first entry with a time of 42.03 secs and the second a time of 0.18 secs, so to preview the video all you do is double click the line

a preview window will then open, so move the slider to the right and you can see what video it contains

mine contains the trailer for BIONICLE which I'm not really bothered about keeping, so I make a note of the VOB ID it uses, which is VOB ID 1 shown below

I would ignore the second entry as again it contains a 0.18 sec entry and these are best left alone

this is now the PGC finished with so I move onto the 3rd one and just go through the same process as I did with the 2nd PGC. If there are more than just two entries in a PGC I would just preview each one making a note of which VOB ID's it uses if I wish to remove it

In this example I have 8 PGC's with two entries each but they all contain just one video sequence and the 0.18 sec blank screen apart from the first which has no video

I want to remove all the trailers in PGC 2 to PGC 8 and after checking I have made a note of the relevant VOB ID's

I now want to remove these VOB ID's which are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and leave the rest so onto PAGE 2

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