I opened an IFO and it had 16 VOB ID's, so I demuxed them all using VOBRATOR as they will all not preview using Ifoedit or Vobrator, so I cannot delete them without knowing what they contain

Start PowerDVD or similar and turn REPEAT on. DRAG and DROP the resulting xxxx.m2v files from VOBRATOR into PowerDVD making sure the REPEAT is still turned on

Now you will see the picture flashing on & off as they repeat so fast when they are so small, if it is what I want to remove I make a note of the VOB ID number so I know I can delete that VOB ID after. I check all the .m2v files and only remove the ones containing video I wish to remove

my 1st VOB ID was just a blank screen nothing else yet if I deleted it, PowerDVD would not play the DVD, it just hung and the time on player just continued with a black screen showing, instead of proceeding to next stage

All the rest were different language warnings so they were ok to delete but the 1st was needed to maintain DVD structure

so that is why it is best to be careful when removing VOB ID's and check what you are deleting 1st when using Ifoedit

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