These are the 2 files you will require HERE in a zip file, one is for PAL and one is for NTSC

this is how to modify a VTS_xx_x.VOB with only 1 VOB ID without disrupting the DVD structure. The VOB I am gonna modify is VTS_02_1.VOB and contains 12 seconds of an unwanted Logo

Using the PAL.VOB from ZIP file, replace the VTS_02_01.VOB file renaming it to VTS_02_01.VOB

Open the VTS_02_0.IFO and click VOB extras to open the window below. Tick Strip Stream's and and input the Destination folder and make sure you Untick AutoCopy Menu-files to destination so it looks like below

click OK
and Strip It to get this almost immediately

click OK to close the Finished correcting VOBU pointers! window. Now go to the Destination folder and copy all the files back into the folder containing the DVD

do the same thing for any Titleset you want removing and when you are finally finished open any IFO and click GET VTS

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