InstantCopy 7 Settings

IC prediction tool that helps you oversize IC to get better results

Getting Better Filesizes & Record Filesizes (read both)

check out mrbbass's excellent guide HERE

Main Screen, click Details , click Profile tab and select DVD-R

click DVD tab and change Copy Method to Customized Resize


click Advanced, de-select Use online transcoding database. DVD-Rom content I'm unsure but I assume you would just copy the data files into the final resulting folder at the end of processing and have this unchcked

Audio Streams & Subtitles, you have to UNCHECK the audio stream & subtitles you want and CHECK the ones you don't want (it's backwards). I want English audio & subtitles

User Prohibitions, this enables you to skip straight to menu missing out any intros you decide to keep, tick which features you want to enable

General Tab, as we are not using an ISO/DVD as our source these settings are greyed out, so it doesn't matter unless you use InstanCopy to burn but I recommend against this as you need to check the DVD first before burning

Options, not really important as you won't be using IC to burn, the choice is yours

Now I suggest you save this profile for future use but place a 1 at the front as they are listed alphabetically

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