Hybrid (Under construction)

Basically all you do is use IC to process the main movie title leaving the menu/extras at 100% but also removing all the audio/subs as it maintains the stream mapping, then useDVD95Copy to reduce the menu/extras and fit it all into 4.37Gb

Rip the complete DVD using filemode and then strip the DVD of the video you don't want but leave Audio/Subtitles as IC will take care of that. If you strip them from the extras before using IC then you will have to remap them again if you still want menu's to work properly. The choice is upto you whether you remove them before or after but this method assumes you will leave them, if you don't just skip the bits that refer to the extras audio/subs

Use DVDtoolbox to get correct sizes of DVD video and audio as IC incorrectly reports these sizes. Guide HERE

Once you have relevant info fill in the data on the Calculator sheet (Download) and it will tell you what to set the main movie at for processing with IC. Only adjust the cells that have Green figures

set all menu/titles to 100% then set the movie title to the % shown in the calculator and deselect all the relevant audio/subs for every title and process the files

extract the PDI file to either file format or ISO format and then open DVD95Copy and process the extracted PDI files and set the relevant menu/titlesets to the values you set in the calculator

you must remember to set the main movie title to No recompression and at least one of the other titles to Fit To DVD-R (Using the biggest one is the best option)

that's it in basic form, I'll update it later

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