This is the reason I use DVDToolbox is that IC cannot accurately shows the sizes of a DVD and this affects predictions. If I open IC and point it to Title 1 which is the main movie title, it tells me the sizes of the Video/Audio etc and it states the main movie video size is 4.19Gb which I now want to check

Open DVDToolbox and point it to the location of the folder containing your files

You can either click the Analyse DVD-Data and analyse the complete DVD, giving exact sizes of the DVD or the easier quicker method it to just click Execute. To use the Execute see this guide HERE

after a few minutes you will be presented with a text file and you can see what size every Titleset is and EXACLY what it contains and the correct sizes of each video/audio/subtitle streams. It will look like this but with a lot more info but all you really need is the main Titleset info

I can now see the exact size of the main movie Video which is 4351.96MB(4.25Gb) and the audio I want to keep is 310 so IC is showing the size is 0.06Gb(60MB) less and it's still enough to affect its results

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