Audio/subs sizing issue

we all know IC undersizes/oversizes but this time it's another issue that affects it along with others

this is what IC reports when I first open it with the VIDEO_TS.IFO and resize the video to show true size of 7.50Gb, hunting out any missing MB's just in case

note the 4.27Gb as this is what IC is reporting as the video content. The total size of that title is 6.27Gb and this is 4.27Gb (video only) plus the audio/subs, so that means that IC sees the audio/subs as 2Gb. It works this out when you first start it as it analyzes the audio content

when it does this analysis it is only estimating the audio/subs sizes, it's not getting the exact figures

so I remove the audio/subs for that title and get this

now notice that the predicted size in the brackets is 4.30Gb which is 0.03Gb bigger than the video size set to 100%, but that's not my point

the difference I found is shown on PAGE 2