Making 2nd run quicker

First you must understand what the figures are in the IC Cell Set window

So I make a record of the amounts A & E in the excel sheet below (download HERE), multiplying the GB by 1024 to use MB. These figures may be upto 9MB out so input them best you can so that the PREDICTS (C) figure is exactly the same as your predicted filesize in MB (2.79*1024) shown in C above

After IC has finished processing I have PDI files totalling 4.40Gb so I extract the files using PDITOOL, and then open the new VIDEO_TS.IFO in IC and then set all the sliders to 100% and record the resulting title filesizes in the ACTUAL, and this will automatically show the ACTUAL% reduction and the accuracy of IC prediction in the ACCURACY column

I then work out how much I need to reduce by referring back to Reducing a Single Title in the Getting Better Filseizes Guide HERE. After using that guide I need to remove 35Gb to fit it all on a blank DVD

I enter -35 in Title 7's ADJUST MB column and it shows what I should set the slider to and what size should be predicted

it now tells me what settings I should use for the 2nd run. It suggests I use a setting of 44.23% which should result in a filesize of 262.73. Now although the difference is a pedicted reduction 40.63MB(303.36-262.73) this is due to IC's inaccuracy
To work this out, the sheet uses the following calculation

(303.36[ACTUAL]-35[ADJUST MB])/(594[ORIGINAL]*102.14%[ACCURACY])/100= 44.23% setting

It will be a lot closer than you would just by guessing as if I took of 35MB from Title 2 predicted size I would get a totally different result as each title is affected differently because of its video content

Now I know my settings I refer back to the guide for adjusting one Titlesize without doing the whole process again also shown in the Getting Better Filseizes Guide HERE

This is how to get even better filesizes using a mixture of this ablove method and the Getting Better Filesizes Guide

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