DVD95Copy Sizing

After selecting Audio & Subtitles you want to keep your screen should look something like this

If you wanna repack evenly then just click the Round Green Button (7) to repack evenly and then remove the titlesets you don't want. Click Start as everything is now OK to run, but I advise against using this setting

You can now use the sizing spreadsheet to work out your ideal % settings to use with DVD95COpy. I recommend you read the guide HERE to understand how to do it

this example below will show howto resize some Extras to 30% and some Menu's to 30%. First remove the Titlesets you don't want to keep and it will display Remove (please use this feature wisely). Click the percentage for the Titleset/Menu you wish to change and then choose the desired %. Do this with all the Titlesets/Menus you don't want to be reduced to 50% and finally set your Main Title to Fit to DVD-R


after selecting your percentages etc it will look something like this and it is now ready to process

now click START and let DVD95Copy do it's work and then burn the DVD after it is completed

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