First you need to check and make a note of which Titlesets you want to keep so play the ripped VOB's with a software player noting which VTS_0X VOB's you want to remove. In this example Titleset 2 & 4 will be removed, but be careful what you choose to remove as it may be required to maintain 100% DVD compliant files

Create a working Destination folder first of all, in this example it is H:\DVD95Copy. Open DVD95Copy and you will be presented with the startup screen

(Note. If you know what you want the majority of your menu/extras to be then it's best to first click the Repack evenly button (4) and adjust it to the % you prefer to save time later on)

Click Destination Path button (1) and browse to your newly created folder. Make sure you have 4482 (2) as the DVD Size (you can adjust it if you want). Click Open DVD (3) and point to your ripped DVD folder

after opening the DVD you will be presented with the selection screen and as you can see all are set to 50% automatically if you selected that option

1 - Titleset Number and size 5 - Compression rate for Titleset movie VOB's
2 - Screen format 6 - Compression rate for Titleset Menu VOB's
3 - Audio streams 7 - Complete DVD adjustments
4 - Subtitle streams 8 - Complete compression rate for DVD

To remove Audio/Subtitles from a titleset, click on that Titleset's en in the Audio column (3) and you will be presented with an Audio & Subtitles stream list. It is advised you select all the Titleset's Audio & Subs cos sometimes it shows extra streams but when you deselect/select them it corrects itself

check the ones you want and uncheck the ones you don't and click OK

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