Getting Better Filesizes

If you are over or under the 4.37Gb limit using IC on your 1st run then read this guide as you do not have to do the full process again and you will also learn to get better filesizes in the first place by reading the Oversizing section at the bottom of this guide

In this example IC predicts a file size of 4.77GB, so before processing I have written down all the Titles and their relevant predicted size and % setting (ignore the Titles that are linked to another Title). This info is important as you will use it later on!. I have written an Excel Worksheet to record this information. The guide is HERE and you can download the file HERE

After running IC I get a file of 4.39GB!, now normally you would just run it again with a predicted filesize of 4.75GB as it would be around 4.37Gb after 2hours or so

Reducing a Single Title to fix filesize

Now onto how to take as little as 10 minutes to make the filesize OK

make sure you either extract the PDI files or move them from their current folder then open IC

open the original IFO and save to a different location for 2nd run

I look through the titles using preview and see which one I can sacrifice another 0.02Gb from and Title 7 was it as it was a crap extra. Using figures recorded before the 1st run (as shown below), I had recorded a size of 103MB@70.19 and Title 8 is linked to it

I need to decide which Title I want to reduce and how it is affected if I reduce it by 0.02Gb (It is probably better to remove an extra 0.03Gb to be safe), so I use the Excel Worksheet for that (Guide HERE)

Using the Original files open the VIDEO_TS.IFO and set the menu to 100% as we do not want that to transcode it again, IC will just copy this across at very high speed (peaked @20MB/s on mine)

then go to whichever Title you have chosen to transcode again and select that Title only and set the new % as worked out using Excel sheet

I chose #7 also linked to #8 and set it to 55.66%

then click OK and IC will process a file of this size in around 3 minutes

If you haven't extracted the 1st runs files do it now, and then extract the resulting files from the 2nd into a different folder,

Open the 2nd folder and you will see the MENU VOB which you don't need, a load of BUP/IFO's and the one VOB you have just transcoded, check the size is now ok by subtracting it from the same VOB in your 1st extracted folder

Mine was 22MB less, but if it is still too big just run IC and use a fraction lower % setting

before replacing the VOB, I suggest you backup all the IFO/BUP files from the 1st run along with the VOB you are wanting to replace (recommended if you are not truely comfortable using IFOUPDATE)

Using IFOUpdate

Copy the replacement VOB from 2nd run into the 1st run folder and remove any remaining VOB's if there are less replacement VOB's. Open IFOUDPATE in Standard Mode and browse to the correct paths as shown below. Original IFO to IFOUPDATE is the VTS_0x_0.IFO in the 1st run folder not the actual ORIGINAL IFO and Authored IFO is the VTS_0x._0.IFO in the 2nd run folder, you can put the backup anywhere you want

now just click Update IFO and click a few more times until it is finished and updates all IFO's and corrects the VTS Sectors

now load the DVD into Power DVD and try it, if all looks ok, which it should then BURN AWAY :)

Oversizing is better if you have Extras

you could use it in reverse to get better quality for the main movie and I recommend this is a better way if you have the extras to allow it

purposely set your extras slightly lower than your minimum acceptable level and the main movie a little higher and lastly your menu at your preferred quality of viewing (mine is normally %60) and run IC

if it just fits great!, but if it's a few MB smaller you still have a high quality movie & menu so you can now make the extras higher quality than what you have now

so if you fall short of 4.37Gb just do the reverse of the procedure above by adding the amount under to a Title

I did notice that some Titles will not allow you to just choose them to process (List index out of bounds error came up), but I think that is the very small ones, if that is the case just add another Extras Title and set it @100% and that will be copied across at high speed along with menu

If it is a series DVD like my Simpson's DVD that only had 6 Titles of over 1Gb each, then try just adjusting 1 of the Titles

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