Please take the time to read this fully and understand the point I am trying to make

we all know that IC has a sizing issue but this isn’t helped by the ‘Phantom’ MB on certain DVD’s I have seen and will also result in various resulting file sizes that people seem to get

This is why you should always resize the DVD firstly before using the % settings in IC and not use it to remove any Titles. Remove them beforehand, I cannot stress this enough and you will see why below

Take a look at my Simpson’s example HERE and you can see that if I had kept all titles on the Simpson’s and only removed title 5, I would have ended up with 650MB extra in my resulting PDI files which was VTS_08_1.VOB

Just say the Simpson’s DVD DIDN’T crash and actually finished this would have added another 15 minutes onto the total processing time cos of this missing MB's being processed at the slow speed. When you correctly size the DVD it just copies the missing MB directly across at speeds of 20Mb/s (whatever your HD can transfer data), whereas left alone it goes at the speed as if it’s processing the title when in fact it not processing at all! (or is it? cos it was set to 100%). Better still it WON'T crash cos of the 'Black Hole' bug within IC as the blank video was not processed

BUT the more important thing to note is I actually wanted that title REMOVING so IC has just wasted 650MB!. This means a poorer quality in the main movie as some people have complained about when using IC and this maybe why

How can this be? I hear you say, well if I'd set the 4 main episode titles to 70%, unchecked title 5 and left the rest of the titles at 100% and sized it up to fit 4.37GB without resizing the DVD first then strange things wudda happened

I would end up with PDI files of around 4Gb (assuming I left original reg settings) so that means this extra 'phantom' 650MB is actually included in that 4Gb cos IC claims not to have seen it in title 5!

the PDI files are 4Gb that means IC HAS actually seen the 650MB so IC has forcefully adjusted the % settings that I set at 70% to compensate for this, so in effect it’s reduced them to 60% (I do hope you can follow me :confused:). If it hadn't forcefully adjusted the settings of 70% then it would have resulted in a file of 4.63GB!

so really it has compressed again as it has squashed the 4.37Gb I originally set it to into 3.37Gb! (4Gb-650MB). Now that would be crap quality

now can you see why I stress it's better to remove all the extras 1st using Ifoedit and then resize the DVD in IC to check for ‘Phantom’ MB’s ?

there is something that still puzzles me and that's if IC reports an extra title as 100MB when in fact its 500MB what affect does it have? Does it reduce the extra 400MB at the same % setting as the 100MB?, or does it reduce the 100MB and leave the 400MB intact?. I think it does the latter but I cannot confirm this

Obviously this may not affect every DVD but it's affected 2 of the last 4 I have tried so how many previous to that has it affected?